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Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Orcish ability to build deadly war machinery from even the filthiest piles of junk already became legendary. Greenskins might not necessarily value such terms as “beauty” or “esthetic,” but they surely know how to make something work as they wish it to do. Shortly speaking, they’re the masters of practical constructions. After all, even from the apparition’s point of view, we can’t take away from our Orcs that they’re capable of being consistent and ambitious, which often results in remarkable pieces of something that some may name “an art.”

Explore our extensive Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection

Take a look inside a Kromlech-made orcish garage, and choose a vehicle (or vehicles) you wish to test-drive. But remember - the choice can be tricky because of our cafeteria’s enormous size.

Don’t hesitate to fly high with the likes of such Kromlech Orc vehicles as Stormjet Fighta, Boomkilla Bomber, Jet Fighta, “Spitfire” - Assault Speeder, or Kopta Kan. If you’re more “ground-loving,” there is a lot for you too: Orc Headkrasha - Iron Reich Transporta Halftrakk, Scrap Tanks, Sturmtankette, Deth Rokket Halftrack, and Desert Raider are only to name a few. These vehicles will help you both travel across different battlefields and cover your enemies with titanic rain of bullets, rockets, and fire.

Unique designs of our Vehicles and Vehicle Bits

If you feel your Orc collection needs to be fresher, consider giving a chance to our Killa Gnaws - these unique models are just examples of the originality of our designs. If you need more such measures, don’t forget to say “hi” to our pretty lady - Gnawzilla - or sail through the intergalactic ocean aboard the enormous ship-like Orc Corsairs Battle Rig.

In addition to unconventional ideas, we also offer the possibility to modify and convert our creations - not only thanks to the ever-growing collection of resin bits but also to printable files of parts from the Kromlech 3D Workshop. They’re suitable even for some of our most enormous orcish constructions, such as mighty Deffstompers.

Compatibility of our Vehicles and Vehicle Bits with popular Tabletop Games

Although our models might be made from different materials, such as high-quality resin, or high-density fibreboard, they’re all designed to fit a 28 mm heroic scale. It means you can pick our models as great alternatives for your favorite best tabletop vehicles game!

Benefits of choosing our Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection

The last (but certainly not the least) significant thing to underline when speaking about our vehicles and vehicle conversion bits collection is that these products combine well with other product types at our webstore. For example, when deciding on our Kromlech vehicle, be sure to grab something suitable for it from the gaming accessories category.

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