Questing Knights

Questing Knights

Is it possible for such ideals as loyalty, honor, and tradition to preserve in a grim dark future? In a universe constantly devoured by war and conflict, haunted by daemons and horrors, and invaded by alien species with completely different moral compasses in comparison to the one developed by mankind? Surely, the knighthood must die with the billions of innocent annihilated from time to time both with their homeworlds. Without a doubt, there is no place for those who are sworn to protect the weaker, when the necessity of achieving victory in an all-out war of different species justifies cruelty and a lack of empathy.

Maybe it's true. Maybe that’s how the world is designed. Maybe all of that will happen someday. But not now. Not today. No, as long as the Imperial Nobles walk to battle locked inside their gigantic Questing Knights’ armors. These people - whose lineage reaches ancient times of heroism and bravery - sworn to protect all citizens of the Imperium until their last breath. Or until the last impulse of energy which powers-up their armors.

Explore our extensive Questing Knights Collection

One Questing Knight is a breath-taking view. Several Questing Knights marching together are a sight that instill fear in the dark hearts of the most cruel daemons within the ranks of the hordes of the abyss. That’s why we, at Kromlech, decided to make a whole range of Questing Knights bits, just for you to convert or upgrade your mighty Questing Knight miniatures with ease, and create a whole army of matching giant mech-warriors.

Unique designs of our Questing Knights

Odyssian Knight - which armor is available to purchase both in a big bundle, or as separate parts - is a merge between mankind's peak of devastating innovation, and embodiment of art and beauty. Thanks to these - designed to match a 28 mm scale - armor plates, cast from high-quality resin, you can upgrade your (already imposing) Knight to the true defender of humanity straight from long-forgotten legends and fairy tales.

Compatibility of our Questing Knights with popular Tabletop Games

Parts from Questing Knights’ range are made to fit a vast range of different giant mechs that you can find when discovering new, exciting tabletop wargames. All you have to do is to attach desired bits to make your gigantic mechanical warrior stand-out on any kind of battlefield.

Benefits of choosing our Questing Knights Collection

Possessing an upgraded version of such an imposing piece of mankind’s art of war as Questing Knight is an enormous benefit by itself. Nonetheless, when deciding on our products, you always get something “extra.” This time will be no different - that’s because each and everyone of our products is compatible with other items in our vast offer. Purchasing resin models is only the first step - thanks to such categories at our webstore as Kromlech 3D Workshop or gaming accessories, you have a possibility to complete your order with everything needed to handle the desired miniatures and/or parts. You won’t need to search for alternatives - you have it all in one place.

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