Fallen Knights

Fallen Knights

Fallen Knights is a term used to describe the once noble and brave Questing Knights who fell under the spell of daemonic masters of darkness. After all, the pilots of those breathtaking mechanical walkers - even if skilled and loyal to their cause - are just mere men. As history proves, the hearts of men can be easily corrupted.

Welcome to our Fallen Knights Collection

The Fallen Knights Collection, available to browse as a Category at our webstore at Kromlech, is a unique one. Although a similar collection can be found among the Imperium ones (Questing Knights are what we have in mind), thanks to the superior number of kits in this category (and, in effect, a wider range of possible conversions), we can assure you that the Fallen Knights are as one-of-a-kind as it was possible.

Unique features of our Fallen Knights

Including devastating weapons, armor plates, and even the smaller set to suit up the lesser version of Knight - Fallen Squire - this category holds everything you could ever need to bring chaos and destruction on any battlefield.

All of those fantastic conversion parts we list here are designed to fit one particular faction, which means that they’re made in the same style. It allows you to build a whole army of mighty walkers held in one particular fashion. Cohesion is a virtue, even for chaotic servants of daemons.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Fallen Knights

Kromlech Fallen Knights were sculpted with attention to detail. That rule applies not only to armor plates but to all weaponry as well.

Truth be told, cannons, missile launchers, blades, and fists might be even more vital here. When designing this equipment, we knew precisely what we wanted to give you not to leave any doubts regarding what kind of weapon your Knight will be armed with. To do so, we did our best to make our conversion kits both look good and to be clear in terms of recognizing what type of equipment they are.

Compatibility of our Fallen Knights with Different Tabletop Games

With such a wide range of customization options, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the conversion bits for our Fallen Knights can be used in other wargaming systems as well. It’s up to you if you wish to do so. In the first place, don't forget to check several things, such as the scale (28 mm) and the overall feeling of the game in which you intend to use our bits (most commonly, it’ll be a grim dark future reality).

Discover the benefits of our Fallen Knights Collection

Being made from high-quality resin, our Kromlech Fallen Knights bits are easy to use in the conversion process. What’s more, they’re fully compatible with other products available at our webstore - for example, with printable files from the Kromlech 3D Workshop Category, which will grant you even more options to customize your models.

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