Regular Legionaries

Regular Legionaries

Regular Legionaries are the most numerous among all the genetically-modified warriors in the service of the Emperor. Although the bigger and tougher kinds of these intergalactic soldiers exist, it’s good to remember that even if not as superior as their greater brothers, Regular Legionaries are still far more formidable fighters than any of the mere humans. That’s why - when the battle on the world far distant from Earth seems lost, and the armies of mankind are falling back - the sight of arriving forces of the Space Legionaries always boosts the morale of almost defeated servants of the Emperor, and changes the course of the clash.

Explore our extensive Legionaries Bits Collection

Find out yourself that at Kromlech webstore there is a lot of stuff related to the faction of Legionaries - the greatly designed, inspiringly-looking faction, full of mighty, brave space soldiers covered entirely in impenetrable armors, that fight in the defense of humanity’s fate across the whole known galaxy. Legionaries bits, Legionaries miniatures you can build from those bits, and much more - Legionaries Kromlech’s offer is almost as vast as our main line of products dedicated to Orcs. And the majority of this rich and differentiated collection lies within this section - the section of Regular Legionaries!

Unique designs of our Legionaries Bits

Although vast and full of differently-looking pieces of wargear such as weapons, armors, helmets, and more, the Regular Legionaries offer contains only finely-detailed, and uniquely-designed wargaming bits. These products are made from high-quality resin, and fit perfectly any tabletop game in a 28 mm heroic scale.

Compatibility of our Legionaries Bits with Popular Tabletop Games

Mix and combine any of our bits with other ones - both with those available at our webstore, and those you already possess from different manufacturers. As long as you'll remember to check if the scale is (at least) similar, you should achieve amazing results that will make your collection of wargaming miniatures feel unmatched by no other.

Benefits of choosing our Legionaries Bits Collection

Make your army as “yours” as possible - it’s easy to do, when you have so many possibilities to choose from. And if you need even more - both possibilities and Legionaries-related parts to build and convert - be sure to check our Kromlech 3D Workshop category. As you can see, there are many ways of getting our products and you're the one to decide which suits you the most!

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