Seraphim Knights

Seraphim Knights

Seraphim Knights are genuinely like no other Legion of mighty Space Legionaries. These warriors - probably the most praised and admired ones among all the loyal defenders of mankind - have both a spark of divine light and tormenting darkness lying deep within their souls. Although millions of faithful citizens immortalize the stories about the glorious deeds of these Legionaries, they struggle with the shadow of a tragic past, which consumes their hearts and minds every single day. That’s why these glorified intergalactic soldiers are unmatched on the battlefield, literally craving for the enemies’ blood to extinguish their own thirst.

Welcome to our Seraphim Knights Collection

Step into the world of both noble and dark - unforgiving - warriors. The Kromlech Seraphim Knights collection features bits to convert or build new miniatures. Here, you’ll find weapons, armor, and additional equipment, such as shields or backpacks.

Unique features of our Seraphim Knights

The Seraphim Knights’ Legion possesses a unique heraldry. At the very first sight, it might be awe-inspiring, but once you give it a closer look, it may chill down your spine. It channels their one-of-a-kind bitter-sweet climate.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Seraphim Knights

At Kromlech, we specialize in designing and producing conversion bits and miniatures from the highest-quality resin. Such projects as the Seraphim Knights are an excellent occasion for us to make finely detailed sculpts rich in artistic symbols, patterns, and shapes. We hope that the miniatures containing them will grace your wargaming table with their presence.

Compatibility of our Seraphim Knights with Different Tabletop Games

The material we use to produce bits from Seraphim Knights’ line (as well as the other lines) is one thing. Another thing is the scale in which we design our parts (or whole miniatures). We chose a 28 mm heroic scale. Nowadays, it’s a standard scale you can walk on when stepping into the wargaming hobby. It means you can use our products in most of your favorite tabletop systems.

Discover the benefits of our Seraphim Knights Collection

Besides receiving the best wargaming product possible, when purchasing bits from Seraphim Knights’ category, you can expand your collection even further. What’s more, all of that without the doubt if one part will fit others well. By browsing our vast cafeteria, you can find many different products dedicated to this hobby that are made to complement each other. For example, in the Kromlech 3D Workshop category, you’ll find plenty of printable files of bits suitable for your newly purchased Seraphim Knights!

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