Samurai Legionaries

Samurai Legionaries

Samurai Legionaries are a specific type of Space Legionaries - both in terms of in-universe aspects and the design of miniatures. The first subject is orbiting around the fact that Samurai Legionaries are strongly bonded to such terms as tradition and honor. They respect their past very much, and many of their battle-connected rites and tactics originate from the times they were nomadic tribes fighting on endless steppes.

As for the design of the miniatures, the clue is in the name of this sub-faction of Space Legionaries. When bringing this line of our intergalactic warriors to life, we - at Kromlech - wanted to make them look as much as possible like the personification of the term "futuristic samurai."

Welcome to our Samurai Legionaries Collection

The Samurai Legionaries collection offers bits cast from high-quality resin designed to fit a 28 mm scale. Those parts can be used to build completely new miniatures or to convert the existing ones.

Unique features of our Samurai Legionaries

Bits you can browse in this category were designed in a specific style inspired by the classic samurais' look. By mixing those features with some futuristic concepts, we gave you the models of warriors that, by just their looks, connect the past and the time that is to come.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Samurai Legionaries

As with all of our products, we did our best to not only come up with a unique idea when designing the Samurai Legionaries line of bits but also to execute this project with the greatest care possible. That’s why the models you get are highly detailed, and all those details are visible - even on such a small scale.

Compatibility of our Samurai Legionaries with different Tabletop Games

When mentioning the scale, there’s one more thing worth underlining - thanks to the general idea that our products are designed to be conversion parts, you can use them in other wargaming systems if you wish. Whether it’ll be to modify your already possessed models or to build new ones entirely from our bits, as long as the scale will match, nothing is holding you back!

Discover the benefits of our Samurai Legionaries Collection

28 mm Samurai bits available in this category aren’t everything you can find at Kromlech. Remember to check our other products from different categories. If you’re looking for even more options to modify your Samurai miniatures (and maybe more ways of getting the bits to do so) go to our Kromlech 3D Workshop site, where you’ll find plenty of printable files to complete your collection of conversion bits.

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