Sons of Thor

Sons of Thor

Among several types of Legionaries available at our webstore, Kromlech Sons of Thor is one of the most style-focused. If you ever wished to make a whole army of Space Vikings, now you have an excellent chance to do so. Sons of Thor bits in this category allow you to both: convert already possessed miniatures and build whole-new, complete Sons of Thor miniatures from the very beginning.

Explore our extensive Sons of Thor Collection

Sons of Thor are well-known (and feared) across the whole discovered universe for their unyielding spirit and ferocity. Some say they’re just like the animal they often put on their armor as a symbol - the wolf. Browsing our collection of bits dedicated to this type of intergalactic warrior, you’ll find many things agreeing with this theory. Good examples of those things are unique Runic Axes, as well as pieces of equipment - such as shoulder pads, thunder shields, and backpacks - with suitable emblems, scars, and marks on them.

Unique designs of our Sons of Thor

As their name indicates, the Sons of Thor were designed in Northmen style. It means that on the bits from this category you can find finely detailed runic markings, and the sets of heads for your futuristic warriors will have specific hair and beard styles - all of that to help you make your army as “in-climate” as you wish.

In terms of being a wargaming product, Sons of Thor bits - including torsos, legs, and whole bodies - were designed to fit a 28 mm heroic scale. It’s a scale of choice in the majority of tabletop games nowadays. Bits are made from the highest-quality resin.

Compatibility of our Sons of Thor with Popular Tabletop Games

The Northmen style we mentioned before is just one side of a coin when it comes to the Sons of Thor bits available at our webstore. That’s because there is more to them, as they connect that “Medievalist” look with futuristic design, making them a perfect fit for your army of intergalactic warriors. Moreover, such a connection makes these conversion parts an exciting option.

Benefits of choosing our Sons of Thor Collection

As with the significant quantity of our products, you get something “extra” when you decide on our Sons of Thor bits. At Kromlech, we always do our best to make our products compatible - just for you to have everything in one place!

Remember that if you like products from this category, there is a real chance that you’ll also like our other products. If you’re building an army of Space Vikings, you’ll find plenty of useful accessories designed to fit such an army - both at the modeling and gaming steps. We even want to make sure that - when visiting our webstore - you’ll have a variety of options when it comes to the form of afforded fruits of our work. That’s why the Kromlech 3D Workshop category was launched - if you have your 3D printer and prefer to print our sculpts on your own.

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