Space Legions

Space Legions

Space Legions consist of the best, genetically-modified, psychologically-conditioned, and expertly-trained warriors that serve Mankind. Covered by recognizable and respected armor, they have access to a range of reliable and deadly weaponry and vehicles. As an elite force among the ranks of the army of the Emperor, their orders are to fulfill the most dangerous missions possible. And they do so.

Although not as endless in numbers as the lesser servants of the Imperium - which they surpass in every aspect - Space Legionaries still are numerous. That is why they are organized into several smaller forces. Each such Space Legion has its own history, symbols, preferable weaponry, and even a unique armor pattern.

Space Legions Miniatures

At the very first sight, it may seem that there are not many Space Legionaries models in Kromlech’s offer. It’s partially true, but from a certain point of view, that’s entirely not the case. If you browse our Space Legions bits, you will notice that thanks to the existence of a complete series of bits dedicated to specific sub-factions within this vast faction, you can assemble whole models exclusively by using only our parts.

With the knowledge from the previous paragraph, by adding some bits dedicated to all Space Legionaries variants (available in both sections Regular Legionaries and Prime Legionaries), you can build up miniatures for the following sub-factions: Sons of Thor, Seraphim Knights, Imperial Crusaders, Dragonborn, Omega Legion, and Cyber Samurai.

Space Legions Bits

The range of bits dedicated to Space Legionaries is enormously vast, even if we don’t count the ones available to buy in the form of printable files in the Kromlech 3D Workshop category. As always, we highly recommend getting to know that range of products as well.

And now - back to bits made from high-quality resin - let’s look closer at what’s in the Space Legions offer. Besides standard parts such as torsos, heads, legs, and shoulder pads (which come in various patterns, even bionic-one), you can browse a massive range of weapon-wielding arms and weapons themselves. Whether you require close combat pieces of wargear, such as Vibro Glaives, Maces, and Hammers, or you look for ranged combat weapons in the likes of Heavy Flamers, Thunder Guns, or Magma Rifles, you’ll find them here. Moreover, among the bits, there are other valuable and specific equipments like Thunder Shields, Jump Packs, and even Apothecary Conversion Set.

In addition to the infantry bits, in the Space Legions category, you can also afford parts suitable for vehicles used by these fearless, loyal warriors.

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