Basing Kits & Scatter Terrain

Basing Kits & Scatter Terrain

Kromlech’s Basing Kits and Scatter Terrain are pieces of terrain in various shapes and sizes, made from high-quality resin and designed to fit a 28 mm heroic scale for wargames. They’re divided into six main sub-categories:

- Frostgrave: Official Terrain Series

- Fantasy Town
- Wizards Workshop
- Dark Forest
- Forgotten Wilderness

- Grimdark Future

Each of these categories is dedicated to slightly different settings. The Official Terrain Series for Frostgrave works best with the game they were designed for, but these are still great pieces of fantasy-themed terrains to use in other wargames. Dark Forest, Fantasy Town, and Wizards Workshop are close to each other and are perfect for any classic fantasy games or dioramas. Finally - last but not least - Grimdark Future and Forgotten Wilderness. As the name indicates, the first of these two product lines was designed to fit any futuristic, dark setting. The second one is also a great choice when building some battlefield in space-battle style, but it’s even more universal than Grimdark one and can be easily incorporated into other settings as well.

Kromlech Basing Kits

Kromlech Basing Kits are a refreshing choice if you think about finishing your miniatures’ bases. For example, Nekropolis Basing Kit: Crystals consists of highly-detailed (majorly) tiny pieces of terrain that will perfectly fit on the smaller (32 mm) and the larger (60 mm) bases. Thanks to universal design, they are a perfect choice for fantasy- and science-fiction-driven miniatures.

If you want more standard finish for your bases, we have your needs covered too. Thanks to our Dark Forest line of products, you can access a wide range of Mushrooms, Bushes, Plants, and Tree Stumps to make your figures feel like they’re traveling through the deep woods. On the other hand, use Kromlech Urban Rubble Basing Kit for more futuristic themes - it looks good both in a post-apocalyptic setting and in a dark future one.

Kromlech Terrain

Kromlech Terrain can help you finish any battlefield or diorama you can think of. Whether you are looking for terrain pieces for your favorite wargame in the Grimdark Future setting or wish to build an entire Fantasy Town, you’ll find something for yourself here. In the first case, please check Imperial Pedestals, Legionary Supply Boxes, or some of our Kromlech Ork Terrain, such as Ork Junk City Fuel and Ammo Piles. In the second case, look at Fantasy Town Marketplace Sets and Wooden Chests or Barrels - combined with some Kromlech Basing Sands or Static Grass, they will make a perfect addition to any fantasy-style diorama.

If you need even more parts to finish your bases or terrain and need them in specific quantities, we recommend looking at our Kromlech 3D Workshop category, where you’ll find plenty of printable bits files.

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