Fantasy Bowl

Fantasy Bowl

Fantasy Bowl is a specific setting. It's a mix between the wargame set in a classical fantasy genre - where you can find such races and creatures as Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs - and an American Football-inspired game with a healthy dose of humor. After all - besides endless battles, even the habitants of the Fantasy World need something to do in their free time.

Fantasy Bowl Bits

Fantasy Bowl can be played in several different ways. You can approach it as a typical football game - with all the rules from real-life play transferred onto the wargaming table - or by utilizing the gameplay of other games based on a similar concept. What is less flexible are the figures and other stuff you’ll need. If you want to play specific Fantasy Bowl teams in a Fantasy Bowl scenery that got your attention with its momentum, you need to get them. But worry not - we at Kromlech got your needs covered!

In the vast cafeteria at our webstore, you can find whole teams and specific players sold separately (or in sets that are less numerous than the entire team). Adding to this mixture sets of Fantasy Bowl Balls allows you to gather what you need (and in any quantity you wish) to approach the game on your terms.

Fantasy Bowl Terrain Specification

You can’t forget that miniatures aren’t everything you’ll need to play Fantasy Bowl. In this setting, the terrain is equally vital. After all, your gameplay might feel a little flat if you won’t have a playing field, at least.

The ideal way to play Fantasy Bowl is to gather around the Fantasy Bowl Stadium itself - a complete set of terrain dedicated to this type of tabletop game. It consists of many valuable pieces of scenery, most of which have an additional purpose besides looking good. What we have in mind are Dice Towers (where you can roll your dice safely), Score Tower (where you can track the course of the match), and Dugouts (with plenty of space available for players, divided into sections, depending on the condition of these players).

Of course, it isn’t everything - with the addition of Light Towers and Tribunes, the whole Fantasy Bowl Stadium creates a vast, ideally looking game space with the following approximate dimensions: height - 14.2” / 36 cm - width - 39.4” / 100 cm - and length - 55.1” / 140 cm!

Fantasy Bowl Price

Not everyone will find a way of utilizing Fantasy Bowl Stadium suitably to personal needs or desires - whether because of economic or space limitations. No doubt about it that the price of this set is suitable for what you get when affording it - it means that it isn’t the lowest one. What’s more, the scenery as enormous as the Stadium needs plenty of space to be appropriately displayed and - even more vital - played on comfortably. Not all those who wish to play with the Fantasy Bowl Stadium have matching conditions to do so, and that’s completely normal.

What to do in such a case? The answer is straightforward - you can always look again at our offer because we have all parts of this enormous set sold separately. Thanks to that, you can always build your (lesser or differently shaped) version of Stadium or just the part you find most valuable and fun to use.

And finally, it’s good to mention that there are some other important things when playing Fantasy Bowl (and, in fact, a majority of wargames). These are the gaming accessories - not only those dedicated to this specific setting but also those more universal, such as dice or measurement tools.

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