Imperium Terrain

Imperium Terrain

In a grim dark future universe mankind was capable of journeying across the stars. This process concluded in construction of settlements or even whole metropolises on different planets - sometimes unthinkably distant from Earth. Unfortunately, the sudden darkness struck the growing dominion of man. Because of the chaos and anarchy that it brought with itself, hundreds of thousands of Imperial Colonies were left without the link to the home of humankind for centuries.

Stellar years passed, and now the brave space-voyagers once more travel through the galaxy. On different planets, in different environments, they build new spaceports, new bases, new colonies - now, with the knowledge of past generations, they build them more self-sustainable, to be able to withstand invading forces. But - on some planets - these builders of new worlds discover the long-abandoned ruins. These remnants are a grim reminder of horrific events of the past - what’s more, they’re destined to watch even more battles, tragedies, and deaths. Those happening on your wargaming table among others.

Explore our extensive Imperium Terrain Collection

Among the rich cafeteria of Kromlech Imperium Terrain you can find both casts from high-quality resin and sets consisting of HDF (high-density fibreboard). All the terrains - no matter if huge buildings or small, scattered scenery - are designed to fit a 28 mm scale.

Thanks to this range of products you’ll be able to construct not only futuristic space ports or bases builded on distant planets, but also enormous, imposing hive cities. These are (or rather - were) metropolises created to look like those existing on Earth - full of citizens, public-use buildings, and infrastructure. Nowadays, the majority of such cities are abandoned and partially-destroyed due to constant battles with alien invaders, as the war spreads between the stars.

Unique designs of our Imperium Terrain

Imperium Terrain is one of a kind. The merge between classical gothic buildings and futuristic innovations gave us the design beloved by many hobbyists. We did our best (and still do) to catch the beauty of this concept with our products. From single statues or pedestals, through billboards, to cathedrals and chapels, we’re proud to offer you a sample of our take on such monumental, artsy architecture.

Compatibility of our Imperium Terrain with popular Tabletop Games

We wouldn’t be ourselves, if - when designing a whole range of Imperium Terrain products - we wouldn’t think about maximizing the usefulness of our creations. All this stuff is a great possibility to build a remarkable diorama, a breathtaking battlefield, or even a whole awe-inspiring maquette, but that’s just one of several options.

There are some other ways in which you can use our terrains. If you have remembered the scale we mentioned several paragraphs above, you surely considered adding some of these pieces of scenery to tabletop wargames you already play. And that's a completely natural (and interesting) thought!

Although - as we stated earlier - the look of Imperium Terrain is pretty unique (or, more precisely, specific), among hundreds of different wargaming systems there are some which incorporated similar world-building concepts. As long as it fits the vision of the game (and yours, respectfully), you’re more than welcome to pick our terrains as your scenery of choice when playing different games.

Benefits of choosing our Imperium Terrain Collection

There are some different ways of use, when it comes to our Imperium Terrain products. But what about the benefits? Worry not - they are, and they’re numerous, so let’s give them a closer look for a moment.

Our products - exactly as the undeniable majority of wargaming or modeling stuff - require handling such as assembly or painting. For some it might be a bit challenging activity, but with the suitable equipment it shouldn’t be annoying at all. But - to get there - you need to gather such equipment in the first place. We thought about it, and prepared all the essentials just for you in our modeling and basing category - look there for all the tools you’ll need to prepare all of our Imperium Terrain products to decorate your battlefield.

In addition to what we stated previously, there are further benefits of choosing our terrains. And they're also connected with other categories at our webstore! Browse the range of products available at Kromlech 3D Workshop to find bits useful when adding finishing touches to your all-new terrains, and discover gaming accessories to help you handle every miniature and piece of scenery with care even during the most exciting battles.

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