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The Imperium of Man’s military force is the best that Mankind has to offer in a dark future reality. Constantly threatened by various alien factions and daemons, Imperial Guardsmen - core units recruited from the whole Imperium of Man population - are fearless, battle-hardened warriors ready to fulfill the orders of their commanders. No matter how irrational these commands may sound.

When the subject is the Imperium of Man units, these aren’t limited only to infantry. To be precise, such things as vehicles (tanks and aircraft), cannons, and walkers are equally important. After all, when forced to face various horrors and abominations that invade the Imperium, you can’t count only on the strength of your own muscles or on a rifle with limited ammo capacity.

Imperium Miniatures

At Kromlech, you can find a variety of Imperium miniatures. Besides diversified, exciting characters, and Guardsmen models you can build from sets of our bits, you can also browse our Dvergr Commando line of products. Thanks to the number of different teams, the availability of special weaponry, and various sculpts, you can build an imposing, themed force.

Nonetheless, as we stated earlier, Imperium of Man isn’t only about infantry. That is why at our webstore, you can also find many fitting pieces of war machinery, such as Heavy Quad Cannons, Siege Mortars, Autocannons, Lascannons, and so on.

Imperium Bits

There’s a similar case with bits for the Imperium of Man, as with the models for this faction. Although you can find numerous sets of parts to convert or build whole new Guardsmen for your army, you can also look at the conversion bits for tanks and other vehicles, such as turrets or engines.

As for the first group of bits - the infantry ones - choose from the expansive cafeteria of guns and rifles, including Laser Rifles, Grenade Launchers, and Plasma Rifles. Moreover, you can also afford plenty of differently-looking bits to customize the Guardsmen in person. We aren’t talking only about such things as backpacks and pouches but also sets of heads, legs, and torsos. Have you ever wanted to make your troops more unique? For example - in one particular style, such as Highlander or Confederate? Or maybe the lack of women in the ranks of your Imperial Guardsmen bothered you? We have perfect solutions for all of these concerns.

If our range of high-quality resin products isn’t enough for your needs, please also give a chance to our Kromlech 3D Workshop category - it might happen that what you seek will be there.

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