Chaos & Daemons

Chaos & Daemons

Where there is light, there is also darkness. Where there is order, there is chaos as well. One cannot exist without the other because none could be defined if another wouldn’t stand on the opposite edge. Chaos - as the force gathering all abominations straight from human nightmares - equals blood-lusting beasts, maniacal cultists, and powerful daemons. Suppose we add dark-hearted sorcerers and traitorous sub-factions of Space Legions to this mixture. In that case, we’ll get the power that spreads dynamically and without hesitation across the whole galaxy. The power that only a few - only those with unwavering faith in the righteous of their cause - can resist.

At Kromlech, we’re fully aware of the danger which comes with daemons of chaos. Nonetheless, these multi-dimensional invaders - being natural enemies of our Space Legionaries - have their vast representation at our webstore. You can browse both miniatures and conversion parts designed to fit the 28 mm heroic scale, which only wait for you to start building new horrifying models or even whole destructive armies.

Chaos & Daemons Miniatures

Chaos Daemons come in various shapes and sizes - in that case, this statement is especially true. If you’re in need of greater daemons that will lead your damned forces, look at F’aa’thum, Greater Stygian Wardemon of Fate, Sek’hara, Handmaiden of Pain, or Rotten Butcher. They can stand ahead of a horde built from our lesser daemons, such as Spawn of Khha’r’ax, Plaguelings, or Morbid Spawn.

Even here, the possibilities don’t end. Possessing the knowledge and powers given by the Dark Gods, there’re also the chaos heralds, who are ready to serve you - these are T'kth'Y T'yok, Herald Of Fate, and Zg'orzel, The Morbid Herald. Their form may be misleading for the uninitiated, but the force hidden within their wicked bodies is unimaginable.

Chaos & Daemons Bits

Besides bits suitable for daemons (such as Monstrous Creature Wings) or those that can be used to convert other models but are also the models on their own (for example, Floating Horror), we offer you a whole range of bits to customize Chaos Legionaries. These are the former warriors of Space Legions who - tempted by the Dark Forces - turn their backs on loyal brothers. Browse parts dedicated to Bedlam Fraternity, Morbid Legionaries, Gore Legion, Stygian Legionaries, and even mighty Fallen Knights. Gather bits to customize your damned warriors or build whole models from the very beginning.

Remember that if you need even more parts to convert, you can always check our Kromlech 3D Workshop category for printable files of different bits.

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