All Chaos Legionaries

All Chaos Legionaries

Chaos is a faction full of specific individuals - whether daemons or cultists that worship them. It’s a differentiated and chaotic (pun intended) horde of unorganized brutes and monstrosities. But even among the servants of dark gods, some recognize such a thing as discipline. The ones we have in mind remember this term - discipline - from the times that passed. From their previous lives in the service of the Imperium.

Although Legionaries - now “Chaos,” formerly “Space” - do everything in their power to bury the past and fill their rotten hearts entirely with cruelty and malice that comes from dark gods, some trained impulses stay with them no matter what. They serve as a grim reminder of how low those intergalactic soldiers fell.

Nonetheless, their tactical skills and abilities are the only ones left of the once noble and brave warriors they were. And now they’re using all their training in the service of chaos - to bring doom on mankind. Mankind, which once named them their heroes.

Welcome to our All Chaos Legionaries Collection

All Chaos Legionaries collection covers… well, all the Chaos Legionaries products, such as resin bits or miniatures, available at our webstore. It means that here you’ll find such sets as Chaos Legionary Winged Jump Packs, Chaos Books of Damnation, Chaos Legionary Maces, or Chaos Legionary Infernum Banner. These are just the examples, but thanks to them, you can see how differentiated our offer is.

Besides products dedicated to the standard Chaos Legionaries, you can browse even those designed for specific Legions of these servants of evil.

If you look for parts for such sub-factions as Bedlam Fraternity, Morbid Legionaries, Gore Legion, or Stygian Legionaries, you’ll find them in their suitable categories. But - because our bits can be freely mixed - for your comfort, we gathered them all in this category as well.

Unique features of our All Chaos Legionaries

Among numerous worth-mentioning features of our All Chaos Legionaries products, such as quality and uniqueness, there is one we value the most. Such a feature is variability. By browsing our offer, you can see that we do our best to cover as wide a range of wargaming goods as possible. Our goal is to provide you with fantastic models that can also serve you as alternatives or conversion parts for products from different manufacturers. There is a good chance that among our sets of bits, you’ll find something for yourself, as we managed to catch many different approaches to the term “chaos” with our Legionaries.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our All Chaos Legionaries

Even the smallest detail on our conversion parts is noticeable. The same case is with various Chaos Legionaries bits. It’s not only thanks to our sculpts - designed with attention to detail, based on carefully invented projects. Another thing that plays a vital role in the task of delivering you the best possible wargaming bits is our production process. Our conversion elements are cast only from the highest-quality resin. Such a solution guarantees that all the crucial details visible on our models will be brought to life thanks to our casts.

Compatibility of our All Chaos Legionaries with different Tabletop Games

All bits available at Kromlech - those from the All Chaos Legionaries category included - are designed to fit a 28 mm scale. Why such a scale? The answer is pretty straightforward - that’s because it’s the most popular wargaming scale nowadays, used in many different tabletop systems. Because of that, we can offer you not only the finest models which you can build and modify thanks to our products. The majority of our creations will do perfectly as the alternatives for the other systems we mentioned before. The way you make use of them is up to you and your creativity. The one crucial thing to remember is that you should check if the scale is fitting and if the climate of the particular system matches the bits we have in store for you. If you get a “yes” as an answer to both questions, the possibilities are almost infinite for you!

Discover the benefits of our All Chaos Legionaries Collection

When designing our products, we pay attention so they fit the other things already available at our webstore. Thanks to such a philosophy, we can offer you much more for Chaos Legionaries than just that category. You can go to such sites at our webstore as Kromlech 3D Workshop, gaming accessories, or modeling and basing - you’ll find there many suitable accessories, materials, etc., designed exclusively for chaos-driven armies.

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