Bedlam Fraternity

Bedlam Fraternity

There is a saying that those we love the most are the only ones capable of hurting us deeply. The story of the Bedlam Fraternity Legion is the most excellent proof that those words are valid. As the majority of Legionaries who serve daemonic masters nowadays, the ones from this particular Legion have their roots deeply in a rotten soil of treachery. But the history of the rise of the Bedlam Fraternity is even darker and more tragic than any other. It's a fact because those who now bring death and chaos to mankind with their horrendous sonic weaponry were once the most loyal, most beloved among the servants of the Emperor.

Explore our extensive Bedlam Fraternity Collection

Bedlam Fraternity collection of bits offers several uniquely designed sets of conversion parts for you to customize or even build your Bedlam Fraternity Legionaries from start to finish. This category includes Bedlam Fraternity Shoulder Pads, Bedlam Fraternity Heads, Bedlam Fraternity Backpacks, Bedlam Fraternity Legs, Bedlam Fraternity Torsos, Bedlam Fraternity Sonic Guns, and even Bedlam Fraternity Doors - for any vehicle you wish to use together with those Legionaries.

Unique designs of our Bedlam Fraternity

Twisted faces with wicked smiles full of lust and malice. Symbols and attributes that will fill the minds of all observers with a feeling of unpleasant, powerful noise that makes the ears bleed. A parody of all that noble and majestic. All of those are the features you can find on our Bedlam Fraternity products. Thanks to original designs, we were able to recreate this terrifying Legion (with all its horror and sadness) so you can bring it to life on your wargaming table.

Compatibility of our Bedlam Fraternity with popular Tabletop Games

Being cast from high-quality resin and designed to fit a 28 mm scale, Kromlech Bedlam Fraternity bits can be used in various ways. By grabbing them, you get finely sculpted modeling pieces and perfect optional elements to use in the majority of wargaming systems nowadays.

Benefits of choosing our Bedlam Fraternity Collection

Remember that here - at Kromlech - we care about the quality of your wargaming experience (and your comfort, as well). You like our bits, but you’re not keen on building an army depending on many manufacturers? Worry not, as we always design our products to be fully compatible with each other. It means that even if the Bedlam Fraternity category doesn’t cover your needs entirely, you can browse other Legionary-themed collections of bits, as they - in nine out of ten instances - should fit the models you build well.

What’s more, we do our best to give you as many ways to afford our bits as possible. That’s why we launched the Kromlech 3D Workshop category - if you have your printer (or have a possibility of printing anywhere), be sure to check our offer of printable files. Even more bits await you!

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