Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

A single human - no matter how strong and well-trained - can’t do much against beasts from another dimension or aliens which outclass him with physical, or mental strength (or both). When accompanied by comrades, such an individual still doesn’t represent a force to be reckoned with - even if equipped with a gun or a rifle. But if we take that man and his colleagues and put them inside a heavily armed vehicle designed by skilled engineers, that, without a doubt, will surely make a difference.

Explore our extensive Imperium Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection

Jokes aside - one Imperial Guard vehicle still won't do the job, when placed in front of devastating hordes of hungry-for-battle creatures. That’s why you should get yourself a whole armored fist, consisting of several machines, at once. Imagine that - an impassable rank of our Walking Tanks armed with various cannons and launchers is something that will bring both victory for the loyal servants of Imperium and doom for the filthy enemies of mankind.

Unique designs of our Imperium Vehicles and Vehicle Bits

We hope that Walking Tanks themselves are “unique” enough, but - for those who crave for more - we have good news as well. Our engineers prepared all of the mighty machines in our offer to be easily convertible thanks to our other products, such as bits from printable files in the Kromlech 3D Workshop category. From now on, you can make (and deploy) your own custom Imperial Guard vehicle. Become an engineer yourself!

Compatibility of our Imperium Vehicles and Vehicle Bits with popular Tabletop Games

Naturally, the way of the Imperial Guard vehicle-conversions maker will surely lead you to a question: is there an end to the possibilities? We have an answer for you - not at all! Thanks to our dedication to this hobby, you can use our resin-made bits and models in a 28 mm scale in almost every current tabletop wargame. Of course, as long as you‘ll make sure that the climate of the game, and a scale it’s designed in, fits chosen miniatures and/or vehicles.

Benefits of choosing our Imperium Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection

Remember - from our Imperium Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection it’s just a step to further benefits. By browsing our vast cafeteria, you can not only afford models that will fit your favorite wargame, but gaming accessories which will help you with the task of merging them as well. Check all the items which will enhance your gaming experience, and make it faster and more fun than ever.

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