Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard consist (majorly) of human soldiers. Naturally, with the whole galaxy packed with alien or unnatural, demonic dangers, the forces of Mankind need to double down on their innovative side - on their creativity and technology. The strength of mere human muscles isn’t enough in these circumstances. That’s why - besides Imperial Guard miniatures and bits in the climate of generic grim dark future warfare - in this category Kromlech offers you Walking Tanks, cannons, mortars, and much more. All of that represents the peak of human weaponry thought, and was designed to crush any enemy of the Imperium.

Explore our extensive Imperial Guard Collection

Imperial Guard conversion bits that you can find here are made from high-quality resin in a 28 mm scale. These features are applicable also to all of our Imperial Guard models - each miniature's size fits with parts from other products. And these parts are various - among the best of our Imperial Guard bits you can find both differently designed legs or heads (including heads in helmets), and weapons (majorly guns, but some melee weapons in the likes of swords or knives can also be found among different products).

Although the bits are a vital part of our offer, the collection of miniatures is - more or less - equally vast and differentiated. If you look for a hero Imperial Guard miniature, check our single miniatures, but - alternatively - if you’re interested in whole troops regiments, take a look at our ever-growing range of squads.

Unique designs of our Imperial Guard

Both our Imperial Guard miniatures and conversion bits for them are uniquely designed. As we stated earlier, several hero models are available to purchase, and each of them represents a completely different character. What’s more, among our bits you can find a very rare alternative which are female Imperial Guard conversion bits. Our Imperial Guardswoman Torsos and Heads are a perfect alternate choice if you intend on converting your models to be female.

Compatibility of our Imperial Guard with popular Tabletop Games

There are several miniature wargames where you can find some factions in the climate of our Imperial Guard models. As we always do our best to provide you with highest-quality products, you should be able to freely use our models in any tabletop game you wish - as long as the scale fits!

Benefits of choosing our Imperial Guard Collection

Other categories at our webstore are good starting points when the subject is the benefits of choosing our Imperial Guard collection. Why? Let’s give a closer look to two categories from these you can browse at our webstore - Kromlech 3D Workshop and gaming accessories. Products from the first and the second category - although having various usefulness - are fully compatible with bits and miniatures from the category you’re currently browsing.

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