Stygian Legionaries

Stygian Legionaries

Although the very essence of forces of Chaos is… chaos itself, some legions of hellish masters happen to be unified and well-organized. Such a legion is formed from Stygian Legionaries. These servants of the daemonic master of alteration are not only punitive but also well-equipped. Their armors, covered by gold ornaments, possess many symbols of their mysterious, deceptive god.

Welcome to our Stygian Legionaries Collection

Kromlech Stygian Legionaries are members of the treacherous Legions that once served mankind. Because of various reasons, these formerly noble and brave warriors became dark reflections of ones’ selves. But - even if that’s what comes to mind when thinking about Chaos - not everyone who yields to its influence becomes a savage or a monstrosity. Stygian Legionaries still look imposing and proud.

Unique features of our Stygian Legionaries

Among the bits available in the Stygian Legionaries category, you’ll find parts that allow you to build your own warriors from this Legion. The cafeteria includes torsos, legs, helmets with rich ornaments, backpacks, shoulder pads, and even two kinds of weapons.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Stygian Legionaries

Please, give a closer look at our sets of bits from the Stygian Legionaries collection. You can see that - just like their name indicates - the design of these daemonic warriors was highly inspired by Egyptian motives. Thanks to such a solution, you can build up an imposing and good-looking squad entirely in a unique theme.

Our bits are cast from the highest-quality resin, which guarantees that all the detail will be perfectly visible on the products you get. It’s the reason behind our unique designs - being certain that every part we make will look precisely like we wish allows us to give you the best possible models we can imagine.

Compatibility of our Stygian Legionaries with Different Tabletop Games

Our products are designed to fit a 28 mm scale. It’s a popular scale nowadays, and numerous wargaming systems are designed for it. Being aware of that, you can use our products in various ways. They’re not only greatly-sculpted modeling pieces by themselves but also a great way to differentiate your armies in the wargames you play.

Discover the benefits of our Stygian Legionaries Collection

Having one Kromlech Stygian Legionary is great, but having a whole army of them is even better. Although there are various designs of our bits so every warrior you build could look unique, still - sooner or later - it might be tough to stick to the variety. Reaching to other bits to convert is always a good idea, but sometimes you might need plenty of them to customize a whole army. That’s when our Kromlech 3D Workshop category comes to help - printable files available there are fully compatible with our resin products, so you can find a lot of bits there to further convert your miniatures.

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