Daemons are probably the greatest threat to humanity. These twisted, wicked creatures are the personification of all the fears and nightmares that ever came to people’s minds. An interesting thing about those walking horrors is that they can appear in various shapes and sizes. The daemons usually differ a lot from one another. Nonetheless, even under these circumstances, no matter which of them stands in front of any man, no one will have any problem identifying the one as the daemon.

Explore our extensive Daemons Collection

Whether you’re looking for blood-thirsty brutes, flesh-devouring beasts, grotesque monsters that live only for constant change, or seductive mistresses being a living mix of pain and pleasure, you’ll find all here. Browse our daemonic cafeteria of various abominations and recruit the most horrific creatures to conquer and destroy in the name of chaos and the dark gods!

Unique designs of our Daemons

As we stated earlier, daemons are beings that are hard to describe. Enough being said that sometimes the representatives of this kind of creatures are even hard to be caught with an eye, or grasped with a mind. Thanks to such features it’s natural that each model available in this category is unique.

The creative side of the masters of evil is as eternal as themselves, so one thing we can be certain of is that there’ll always be new daemons to portray on our miniatures. Knowing that, choose your favorite hellish beast from our offer, and remember that the best (or maybe - in this case - worst) can be yet to come.

Compatibility of our Daemons with popular Tabletop Games

There is probably no good wargaming system without just a little bit of daemonic influence. We feel that you’ll find ways of incorporating some of our horrifying models into various tabletop games that are popular nowadays. It’s not only possible but straightforward as well. All thanks to the fact that our daemons are designed to fit a 28 mm scale (a standard scale for many wargames), and they’re cast from high-quality resin, making them easy to convert and adapt to various systems.

Benefits of choosing our Daemons Collection

Benefits from shopping with Kromlech are always present and numerous. To get a taste of them all, you’ll need to be like one of the four gods we stated above. Walk the never-ending road of change and seek even more different ways of using our bits and miniatures. The one thing which can give your daemons the blessing compared to those received from chaos gods is to mix our resin parts with bits available to print in our Kromlech 3D Workshop category. The possibilities are almost infinite.

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