Orcs & Goblins Terrain

Orcs & Goblins Terrain

As we stated earlier numerous times, Orcs (as well as their smaller cousins, Goblins) are pretty talented constructors. They recompense a lack of skill in building “artsy” stuff with their unmatched creativity and ability to use any resources they can. All of these lead to a simple conclusion - Orc terrain is one of a kind and - without a doubt - will make any battlefield more unique. Well, to be more precise - not only “orcish,” but both Orc and Goblin terrain.

Explore our Orcs and Goblins Terrain Collection

Miniature Orc terrain for miniature wargames - that’s what you can find here. Most of our products in this category, such as walls or buildings, are made from high-density fibreboard (HDF), but you can also look for several (smaller) sets made of high-quality resin - that will be mostly bits or scatter terrain. No matter which one you choose, we can assure you that you’ll get a fine piece of good-looking 3D Orc terrain. Quality of these products is inversely proportional to what they represent - orcish constructions made (mostly) from junk.

Unique designs of our Orcs and Goblins Terrain

Designing our products, we try to make them as unique as possible. We’re also focused on giving you whole lines of amazing stuff that you can merge, instead of “one-and-done” items. Thanks to that philosophy here you can browse a vast cafeteria of Orc town terrain (or - we almost always forget - Goblin town terrain) that will allow you to build - literally - whole greenskins city (and maybe even much more).

Compatibility of our Orcs and Goblins Terrain with popular Tabletop Games

Although our Orc fortress terrain is designed in the climate of a grim dark future universe, we can also offer you some scenery that will fit the definition of fantasy Orc terrain. If you’re looking for something like that, check our Orc Bottles - both made from a standard resin and a transparent one! That being said, you can use our terrain for a wide range of different Tabletop Games, as long as they’re designed (same as our products) for a 28 mm heroic scale.

Benefits of choosing our Orcs and Goblins Terrain Collection

Going back to what we stated earlier - that our products are compatible with each other. That statement doesn’t fit only this category. If you check - for example - Kromlech 3D Workshop or gaming accessories, you’ll discover even more possibilities of expanding your collection of orcish terrain. We always do our best to give you many options - thanks to our printable 3D files you can get yourself your favorite bits and parts in desired quantity.

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