Orc War II

Orc War II

Ever cut loose on your fantasies and wondered how it would be to put Orcs in a bit different… environment? Now you don’t have to - at least, if that fantasy were Orcs in the style of World War II.

Overview of our Orc War II Collection

Kromlech proudly presents a range of Orc War II Bits and Miniatures. Gather the most well-organized army of greenskins ever and conquer world after world in a never-ending war - the second war, which may last forever due to the actions of a relentless green horde.

Unique designs of our Orc War II products

When talking about Orcs made in the style of World War II, there is probably no need to underline that these models have unique designs. Nonetheless, it’s good to remember that this line of products offers various miniatures, equipped with different weapons and performing diversified functions within the ranks of the orcish army. Knowing this, don’t hesitate to look there for both regular troops and officers or commanders.

Exceptional quality of detail of our Orc War II products

Any model found at our webstore is designed with the intent that its cast - made from high-quality resin - won’t leave any wargamer or collector unsatisfied. Miniatures from the Orc War II line are not only uniquely sculpted but also produced with attention to detail.

Compatibility of our Orc War II Collection with popular Tabletop Games

Although the design of Orc War II models might be a little unconventional, it doesn’t mean that they won’t find their place on a wargaming table. They undoubtedly will, and - in addition - not in just one or two different games. Produced with the collecting intent, our Orcs fit almost any game in a 28 mm heroic scale. One crucial thing to remember is that when deciding on utilizing them in this way, it’s always good to look closely at the climate of the game. To be entirely fair, the design of World War II won’t work well with - for example - some fantasy universes built around swords and sorcery.

Benefits of choosing our Orc War II Collection

Now that you’re equipped with all the necessary knowledge about our Orc War II collection, please take a look at some other categories like Kromlech 3D Workshop or gaming accessories. Although diversified, all of our products are made to complement each other. That statement means that bits from our printable files should fit perfectly all of our models you wish to modify or convert. A similar situation is with battle rulers, dice, tokens, markers, and templates. If you need some for your greenskins army, you’ll find some suitable examples in our cafeteria dedicated to this (and many others) faction.

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