Morbid Legionaries

Morbid Legionaries

Besides rage, change, and lust, there is also one more thing that comes with the gifts of dark gods. That thing is considered the worst, the most gruesome by many. It’s like an ultimate testament to the destructive influence of the masters of chaos. The power that corrupts the flesh entirely - that transforms what was once beautiful and delicate into a horrendous parody invulnerable to such stimuli as pain or touch at all. That thing we have in mind is rot and decay - that’s what Morbid Legion stands for.

Welcome to our Morbid Legionaries Collection

Kromlech Morbid Legionary bits collection offers you the conversion parts to build and modify your own Legionaries from this treacherous formation of once loyal to mankind Space Legions, which now serve the daemonic lord of plague. These walking horrors are grave enemies for anyone, as even their sight might be troublesome for those who have delicate stomachs.

Unique features of our Morbid Legionaries

Bits available in this category are one of a kind - it’s enough to look at some of them. For example, Kromlech Morbid Legionary Shoulder Pads - although the decay theme isn’t extremely unique on its own, we did our best to make it so in this case. Not only rotten material but fly symbols, worms digging tunnels through pieces of armor, and other “unpleasant” features as well. Our products are made in a certain climate, but they also stand out compared to others similar.

Extraordinary quality to detail of our Morbid Legionaries

Wargaming bits (and miniatures you can build thanks to them) that you can get in this category are cast from the highest-quality resin. Thanks to such a way of making our products we can guarantee that all the details will be perfectly visible on them - we offer a level of quality that is rare among other bits from different producers.

Compatibility of our Morbid Legionaries with different Tabletop Games

Being designed to fit a 28 mm scale, Morbid Legionary bits can be used in various wargaming systems. The scale we mentioned is one of the most popular nowadays, which means that our products aren’t only great modeling pieces to build and paint on their own but will also do great as conversion bits for other products you can have in your collection.

Discover the benefits of our Morbid Legionaries Collection

With Kromlech's products, the possibilities rarely end. Whether you decide on bits from Morbid Legionaries or any other category, remember that all of our creations are compatible with each other, and all were designed to improve the quality of your wargaming experience. If you ever feel short on resin parts to convert, check our Kromlech 3D Workshop category for even more bits, available to grab in a slightly different way.

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