Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Vehicles & Vehicle Bits

Space Legionaries are powerful warriors on their own, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need occasional help in the form of war machines. Being aware of that, we - at Kromlech - decided to provide you with that category. Thanks to the rich offer of various vehicles and vehicle bits, you can boost your Space Legions to unmatched power levels.

Explore our extensive Space Legions Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection

Space Legions vehicles are highly differentiated, and so are the products in this category. Whether you’re looking just for bits to upgrade your already possessed vehicles or maybe seeking a new dangerous toy to bring destruction to the enemies of mankind, you have arrived at the right place.

Browse numerous guns and cannons you can attach to the suitable stations of your tanks, and give a closer look at such pieces of the art of war like Behemoth Dread Walker, Heavy Weapon Platforms, or Sentry Guns. Space Legionaries’ workshops are wide open for you!

Unique designs of our Space Legions Vehicles and Vehicle Bits

No matter if the subjects are Space Legions vehicles or miniatures, our main goal is always to offer you beautifully designed models produced with the highest care. We do our best to give you as many opportunities for using our products as possible by making them “universal” in some way - their overall look doesn’t leave a doubt in mind in terms of what the particular thing is, etc. Nonetheless, at the same time, we put much effort into providing you with something new and fresh. Thanks to that philosophy, the cafeteria of our miniatures and bits is full of uniquely looking pieces of wargaming goods.

Compatibility of our Space Legions Vehicles and Vehicle Bits with Popular Tabletop Games

Both bits and whole models we produce are designed in a 28 mm scale. It’s the scale used by most wargaming systems nowadays, so by deciding on our vehicles and vehicle bits for Space Legions, you’ll have a wide range of possible options for using them. Every such product is cast from high-quality resin, so it not only guarantees you a high level of detail on your miniatures but also an easy way of converting them.

Benefits of choosing our Space Legions Vehicles and Vehicle Bits Collection

Among the numerous benefits of choosing our Space Legions Vehicles and Vehicle Bits, one is especially vital - the fact that our products work well with each other. Thanks to that, you can freely browse such categories at our webstore as Kromlech 3D Workshop - be sure that the printable files you find there will fit resin bits bought from our other categories perfectly.

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